I grew up in a small town in the White Mountains, where there wasn’t much to do besides be outdoors in the woods. To keep myself busy I started making things, taking advantage of whatever resources that were around me.

When the time came to decide what I wanted to study, art school was an easy decision, and it was a natural transition with the maker mentality which I already had begun to foster. I was drawn to graphic design which I choose as my focus out of a desire to create things that had a purpose and could be useful to others; but to balance the clean sometimes hands off nature of graphic design in the computer age, I spent my spare credits working in metalsmithing and furniture design to keep myself at least a little dirty.

My desire to create has followed me throughout my career and has drawn me to opportunities where I can put my creativity to use. A few years ago I got an itch to return to my country roots and the need to be dirty, so purchased a small property in Upstate, NY and went about building a getaway with my own hands on weekends and time off from my schedule in Brooklyn. This is the product of that of that desire.